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A/C not cold at idle

Allin Accord

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Have a 2003 Honda Accord which I really like. 5 spd manual so fun to drive. 2.4L 4cyl V-Tec engine so good on gas.


I have had no problem with it until yesterday. While sitting at idle I noticed that the A/C stopped blowing cold. Went to my mechanic to see if it was needing a charge. He determined that the electric fan for the condenser was not coming on with the compressor so the back pressure was too high and the compresssor turned off. It blows real cold when moving though.


It looks like the rad fan is not coming on either which worries me though the temp guage shows it at below half. Today I had it sitting for about 15 minutes idling and temp guage did not move above the point it always sets at. The radiator fan never came on. I do not know what the temp of the engine is except for the dash guage.


My question is could the sending unit not be working right so the the computer thinks the engine is cool? If that is so the fan relays don't get the signal to switch on the fans.


So where can I get an electrical schematic of this system so I can see how it works. I have checked the relays and they work. The radiator fans come on when I jump the relay socket., ram air fan does not come on when A/C turned on. If the engine is cool the compressor will come on. When it has warmed up then the compressor will will come on briefly and engine will shudder then compressor will shut of engine returns to normal. My mechanic checked the charge and it is fine.

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Get the Helms or Chilton manual for your car...


If your temperature gauge isn't showing the right temperature, I'd start by changing the thermostat with an OEM thermostat and then see if it starts to work...


AC issues could be because of a fan motor as you described or maybe a hose somewhere is bad and closed up...check it all...hoses are cheap to replace.

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The guage is not the problem. I noticed today that it does indeed show hot. Was sitting in traffic and the temp started to creap up. Once I started moving it came down again. The cooling system is working fine the fans are not. This is the problem with the

A/C and now over heating at idle. I have determined that the relays are good and the fans work when hot wired. What sends info to the relays to turn on the fans?

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Check your thermostat. It could just be a bad ground somewhere, I know when my thermostat had to be replaced the guy disconnected the ground to the thermostat and forgot to reconnect it, that caused a decent amount of problems. Also, does your voltage drop at idle?

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It looks like the rad fan is not advancing on either which worries me admitting the acting guage shows it at beneath half. Today I had it sitting for about 15 account dabbling and acting guage did not move aloft the point it consistently sets at. The radiator fan never came on. I do not apperceive what the acting of the engine is except for the birr guage.




Bathroom fan

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