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96 Honda Accord EX 4DR & EGR Valve Code P0401


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Greetings Honda Owners. I was wondering if someone out there would have more specifics on how to correctly fix/clean an EGR and port issue. I called American Honda Motor Co. Inc., Honda Automobile Division and the specialist reported that there are no EGR porting recalls for this year, 96. The only service bulletin I came across is 99-085 for 1998-00 Accord V6 - All, and 2001 Accord V6...the manifold port needs to be drilled and have a kit installed...


The technician that is servicing my car already cleaned the port where the EGR Valve sits but I'm not sure if he cleaned the manifold port. I'll have to ask him. The EGR Valve has been replaced and is only 2 years old. However, the light still remained on for the next two years. I managed to get the readiness for emissions test last year but sure enough after I got the car to pass emissions the light activated again and so I've been driving the car with this light on ever since. Well now inspection is up again and this time the check engine light activates sooner so the emissions test is failing, and I can't get the car's readiness to register before the check engine light activates.


Does anyone know a work around or have any experiences with this annoying EGR Valve code P0401? Any help, comments, suggestions, etc. is greatly appreciated.

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can't imagine there'd be much of a difference:




Hey, thanks CRG7! Indeed it seems to be the most resourceful option (thorough carbon cleaning) assuming all EGR assembly parts have been replaced (which in my case both EGR Valve & Noid). It appears to me that having someone else work on your car can almost be pointless when such scenario is presented. Especially, when the technician has to spend about an hour just cleaning carbon off the ports. BUT, this is why there are in business and why they get paid. Nevertheless, taking the time and care to thoroughly clean the ports out has to be done yourself. I doubt these technicians will scrape off 100% of the carbon. Wish I had my own garage. I would do it myself.


Well, I guess I need to request that they do a thorough carbon cleaning again. I done spent $60.00 an hour for them to clean the ports and still no dice. They prolly did a half-ass job!


Thanks for your feedback. It's appreciated.

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greetings! i wanted to follow-up on my issue. turned out i had the exact same issue with carbon coking in the manifold ports. the mechanic took pics for me, and i could not believe that the ports were 100% clogged. the mechanic cleaned it up thoroughly and now no more check engine light (EGR issues).


so what i finally want to say regarding this typical issue with honda acc is that 95% of the time carbon coking on the manifold is the culprit when you get OBDII code P0401, and the check engine does not want to shut off. i hope this thread helps out!

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