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newbie who needs help..


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i recently purchased a '97 civic over the winter, and me and my buddy have begun it's transformation from a stock beater, to a sup'd up model. - and i've already gotten to work on the body - i recently just slapped on an R34 bodykit, with aftermarket mirrors, headlights, tail lights, fenders, and hood.


but now that i'm getting into the engine work, i need a little bit of help... i've elected to just stick with the stock d16 motor and rebuild it.. a i recently bought a turbo off of a friend of mine - and i know the engine wouldn't be able to handle the turbo right now (stock) - so what do i need to replace/add to it, to make it be able to support it... i am in the process of buying the intercooler and turbo manifold - what should be my next step?


thanks a lot.



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the size of the turbo is important. Find out the specs on the turbo to see if it is even usable. You will need injectors, blow off valve, possibly a wastegate depending on your turbo, tuning software, maybe fuel pump, wideband o2 sensor, intake piping, etc.


Plus you wont need a rebuild unless you're looking for over 200-220 hp. Keep in mind that if you currently only make 100-110 hp to the wheels so 200 is a HUGE step and probably more than you need.

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