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1994 Honda Civic Timing 1.5 liter

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I have a 1994 honda civic. 5 speed 1.5 liter engine.


I just bought a used 1.5 liter engine with a 1.6 liter vtec head (can someone explain this?) and headers. Said it has 50,000 and runs, so bought it for a couple hundred dollars.


Well the timing cover had to be modified by me to fit the new 1.6 liter head. No problem, but I accidentally bumped the camshaft pulley, now i'm screwed with timing. I dont have a book, and wanted to know what timing marks i need to line up before i put the engine in the car...

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I think i have the timing correct now...


I started with the camshaft gear. The word "up" is vertical, or facing up. and the two horizontal lines are aligned with the head.


I placed the key straight up, and theres a pointer mark on the block behind the crank gear that lined up with my mark on the crank gear (just offset of the key).


then i placed the balancer and timing cover on. The mark on the timing cover is aligned with the very far right line on the balancer (single line). theres 3 lines together and one single line on my balancer, i lined it up with the single line.


I want a few people to tell me this is correct before i install the engine. Please! :)

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