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94 accord ex


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ok I think i got the one nobody can answer.



I have a 94 accord ex with a 95 f22 vtech in it.


CAI is my only mod so far. everything else is stock.


I turn my key and the check engine light comes on, a moment before it turns off I hear the fuel pump kick on and then the light shuts off. Only once this has happened will the car start. The longer i go without driving it the longer it takes to cycle the pump. Also seems that humidity/rain effect the length of time also. It has taken over an hour for this to happen. I have a new fuel pump relay installed. I still get fuel to the rail from vacuum upon cranking.



Also while waiting for the fuel pump to cycle the d4 light begins to flash.


I did the ground out to the dash code grab. the d4 light flashes a 14 the engine light doesnt flash.



Im friggin lost help please. I read here whenever i have a problem this site has been a big help.



Also I have plenty of experience, throwing a wrench is the least of my concern its the troubleshooting that looses me.

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ok I've read this 3 times and I can't figure out what youre asking here. You're saying it starts sometimes? You hear the fuel pump prime and the click under the dash? But you turn the key and nothing? I'm lost.

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I turn the key to on, the check engine light comes on and most of the time there is a delay before it primes. Then the engine light will go turn off and it will start and run fine. The delay before it primes is the problem and it only seems to act up in moist weather.

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The Engine Control Module (ECM) is supposed to run a diagnostic when you power up the car, that is the light coming on for a few seconds. If the light stays on longer than a few seconds, there is a problem. If the light stays on and then goes off, the problem is intermittent. With me so far? I am sure this is great info, but doesn't really tell you anything you don't already know, I know. The problem here is that you have an electrical problem that is confusing your ECM, hence its inability to store an appropriate code. Given the nature of the error, disregard the ECM and evaluate what you do know:

- the Fuel Pump comes on, but inconsistently

- you have replaced the Fuel Pump Relay, but have not tested or inspected the PGM-Fi Main Relay (this powers the Fuel Pump Relay, ECU, and Injectors)

- your Starter Motor is fine (you never mentioned clicking)

- your timing is good since when the car does start, it runs fine, unless you failed to mention something

You need to evaluate the performance of your PGM-Fi Main Relay. The first check is simple: does it click twice when you put the key into the START (III) position? It is one click for the Fuel Pump Relay and a second click for the ECU and Injectors. Make sure the PGM-Fi Main Relay has a good connection with ground. Make sure the correct voltage and amperage is being sent to the PGM-Fi Main Relay. It would be easiest to use both a Multimeter and Probe Light to conduct these tests. You should also have a circuit diagram handy. Work on the fuel issue, then when the motor can start up reliably, you should retest the transmission.

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