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Compressing Springs

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WTF. I get all the seized bolts and whatnot and get the damn struts outta the car, and then I compress the springs with the little vice compressors I borrowed from Autozone....


....annnnd, the damn things are fully compressed and the spring is still up against the strut top-mount. So I'm not going to try to take that off when the spring is still pushing up against it. Am I doing something wrong or what?


I'm so pissed because I got to essentially the last step of changing the struts....and then I had to give up and put all the crap back in the car and put it back together again only to try again next week or the week after. WTF do I have to do to get the damn springs off the struts. I've read instructions, I've watched vids, but the spring was just not compressed even though the compressors were.

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