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1990 crx si w/ls vtec and jdm goodies 4 sale


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thinking of selling my rex, if i get some decent offers i will probably be willing to do so, also would accept trades for ANY year hatch, ef/eg/ek, even other crxs.


1990 crx si

salvage title, not sure why but ther is no significant damage i can see. i didnt even know it had a salvage title until after i bought it.


ls-vtec:(built it myself)

b18a block fresh hone and cleaning

p30 pistons w/new npr rings

all new acl race main and rod bearings

balanced and micropolished crank and rods

arp rod bolts

b6a2 head

oem gsr cams

custom sri

custom full exhaust

will include peak performance stg 3 cams

all new seals and gaskets oem honda

cometic metal head gasket

p72 ecu converted to p28 specs w/ chrome chip ready for tuning, already socketed

nology hotwirez

ngk plugs

itr oil pump

itr water pump

golden eagle ls vtec kit

b&m shortshifter

ls tranny, that needs some work, car is driveable but shfting at high rpms it will grind into 2nd and 3rd gear, would recommend swapping the trans or having it rebuilt


other goodies:

jdm headlights

jdm tails

REAL jdm interior doorpanels w/power windows/auto up and down for driver (ive never seen them on another rex)

2002 celica gts black leather bucket seats

jdm backseat w/seatbelts

jdm dash

wings west "mugen knockoff" kit (left side skirt has broken molding and will need inexpensive repairs, probably 200$ at most)

vis cf hood 2 small chips but not bad

wings west wing

mugen steering wheel

00' si wheels

4 wheel disc brakes w/ cross drilled and slotted rotors

ebay coilovers lowered the car an inch or so and actually improved handling

custom 6.5 inch jvc screen molded into dash under climate control

jvc dvd reciever

mtx component speakers front and back w/ tweeters front and back as well


there may be a few things i have forgoten but as you can see i have put lots of my own blood, sweat, and tears into this car, not to mention $$$$, about 5 grand in motor alone. Probably another 5 or so into exterior/interior parts! I know i wont get what i put into it but thats what happens with a modded car right? Also car has no ps/ac. No problems other then the tranny troubles and minor body work i mentioned earlier. Great almost finished project, i just kinda want something different. Im guessing if the cams that i mentioned get put in with some new springs/retainers and you tune you should be able to make 200whp easy. Thinking of around 5000$ obo but i am open to all offers. Pls no low ballers. PM me w/ questions/offers. Couldnt figure out how to insert pics so ask and i will email some if you want.

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okay so all the "goodies" are on the crx?


because i thought you were selling the CRX and then the goodies.. thats why i stated that i want the Si's because it is under the goodies..

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