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FS: PIC Apex Coilovers (8kf/6kr) for EF/ED chassis


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Selling my PIC Apex Coilovers 8k front/6k rear spring rates. These have been used for only about 4 months. Put them on in mid-late December and took them off today. These were on my 1991 Civic Hatch Std. I'm not sure what all it fits other than the 89-91 hatch.


Asking $615 and shipped and paypalled For reference, these are selling for $792 plus shipping on PIC's site right now so here's your chance at getting these for more than 200 bucks cheaper (if you count shipping).


PM me with questions or interest. Price is pretty much firm at this point.










This picture is to show the scratches on the sides of one of the top hats. For some reason, this side was a really tight fit and rubbed the sides when installing it....they fit fine, but put scrapes on each side once installed. The scratches were not visible once installed.


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