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97 prelude have randem missfire code


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have a 97 prelude and the check engine light keeps coming on and it says cyclinder 1 randem missfire. The car runs fine wen you drive it the vtec hits hard and everything is good until u let it sit at idle then it has a miss. So i checked the injectors and they are working fine put new plugs, wires, cap and rotor and cleaned the egr valve and still have the problem but when the car is cold it is fine but once it warms up and you rev it to about 3000 rpms it throws the light and starts to miss. Also noticed that when i pulled the fuel rail to check the injectors that when i put it all back together the miss went away but then i reved it up to about 3000rpms it started to miss and i did it wen it was hot cuz i no wen the motor is cold it doesnt do it. Also did a leak down test to see if i was losing compression but it was good and the compression test was good. Please someone help me

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