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  1. It could be your idle control valve of you have one... My civic has one... but then again I did have a code... You could also take the intake manifold off and cleaning everything and changing out the Gasket... Did this to friends car and fixed the problem...
  2. I had a missile code on my civic but it was on all the time... I found it was my crank position sensor... A belt rubbed into the wire... If your car has one check it... Just fore warning tho it wasnt fun replacing...
  3. My Honda idles around 650 to 750 which is within the specs of civic... I would give it a tune up and check/change the motor mounts...
  4. Hey fellow forumers... I have a 96 civic with a bit of a shaky steering wheel while driving... I have found the rack and pinion was bad... I replaced it and had an alignment and wheel balance... But still shakes... I also found my axles are bad and replaced them... Now it still shakes... So I am a bit frustrated... I found my sway bar brushing are bad... Could this be the problem or does anyone else have some info on the matter... I am replacing them either way but just looking for some advice...
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