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Hey repsol, Try this out!

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I started my day off today with the installation of the Energy Suspension bushings i ordered a while back and decided it wasnt enough..


So I got to work on the engine bay.




Decided to relocate the Overflow tank to get it off the rad support.


All i did was unscrew it and screw it into an existing hole that was originally for my OEM airbox


Removed a few brackets, zip ties, and all that


This is the outcome after a nice wash and coat of shine!



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+1 You tucked one little thing and cleaned the bay? I'd say this was one hell of an improvement.... considering you bashed rep for his lol



no.. i removed a crap load..


rewired, replaced some hoses, took out vacuum thing for cruise control, moved overflow.. few more things.


i didn't bash him at all. if i did, sorry repsol

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humphries...you officially can't rip into me for my kit and wing any more, mainly because you have the most retarded colour scheme under your bonnet I've ever seen. Sort it, then be proud of your 'work'.



lol.. it was a paint can in my garage..


i want to paint it but one of the valve cover bolts is spun out and i cant manage to get it out now. so it'll have to do until i figure that out.



trying to find an OEM one to put on it.. i miss my wrinkle black.

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