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99 civic DX


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Well if you still have the stock engine it would not be VTEC. BUt the best way to know is to look on your valve cover and if it say VTEC most likely it is another and more accurate way to know is to look for the VTEC solenoid right behind the distributor ;)

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rule of thumb for civics:


5th gen:

EX, Si both d16z6 engine, SOHC vtec(125hp)

6th gen:

EX d16y8 SOHC vtec(127hp), Si B16 DOHC vtec(not sure hp)


also, the HX i believe, has the e-vtec engine for better fuel economy......dog slow tho


the dx and lx have the non vtec version of the above listed(different engine code tho) the dx non-vtec compared to a fully loaded ex(stock options) tho, horespower to weight, is a decently even match for a QM.

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