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h22 a type s ?

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i dont know too much about swaps.. ill be getting into mine after deployment


does your civ have vtec?


i know youll need motor mounts so IMO you should get some hasport motor mounts :thumbsup:

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heres a list do a little research


youll need the following

1. mounts for a h22 into eg chasis

2. axels custom for the h series (cant use prelude axels)

3. shifter cables, and mounting thing

4. u would have to get obd1 injectors, altenator, and maybe some sensors

5. you will have to extent your wires to the alternator

6. oh yea the jumper harness if your going to run stock ecu, so it be a obd1 to obd2 but i highly discourage this



i might be missing stuff but that will get you started and let you know how hard it be

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