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I obviously have no affiliation to pepboys, but this is a deal you wont want to miss.


This link PEPBOYS will give you $10 off a purchase of $30 or more, and then if you are on the market for some synthetic oil, Mobil1 is currently offering a $10 rebate per gallon of oil purchased Mobil 1 Rebate . That means you can buy yourself some great oil and a filter essentially getting $20 off.


WAIT, it doesnt stop there, Quaker State Q horsepower full synthetic oil is also offering a $10 rebate QuakerState Q Horsepower Rebate


Basically, you are going to get your hands on full synth oil for less than you would pay for dino.. DO IT NOW!

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Well, the mobil 1 rebate is in PDF form so not sure how exactly I am going to post that attachment up.. Another complication is that each rebate is tailored to each user with your address and email etc already entered, hence if I sent you my pdf, then you will get my info..


I guess taking the minute to sign up is worth $10, If you dont want that trouble, just handle some Quaker State

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