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Help, buying a civic and need info


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Hello all, I'm buying a 1997 civic ex with the following mods.


Built LSvtec

-95 LS block with CTR pistons

-OBD1 B16 head

-mild port and polish

-Crower dual valve springs

-Crower titanium retainers

-Skunk2 Stage2 cams

-ITR intake manifold with H22 throttle body

-DC sports header

-5 bolt adjustable cam gears

-CTR valve cover with cam side cut out

-Hydro S80 transmission

-ACT xtreme pressure plate with 6 puck disk


The car is running on a street tuned OBD1 P28 ecu.


From what i've read it's going to need a more streetable tune, Is there anyway to tune this if there is not a dyno around? Thanks in advance.

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umm pics?












































umm NOW!!?

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