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Tell be about the F22B1


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Usually I'm on the Del sol forum, but I'm looking at a '97 Accord EX Wagon that is in mint condition with low miles. They want about 7K for it.


I assume the F22B1 is the engine in this car. Does it take regular grade gas? (lower compression than my B16A3 in my Del sol which requires premium). What are the issues with this model? I assume the better rust proofing didn't start until after '97. What else can you tell me about the F22B1? What rpm does the VTEC engage?


The price may seem high, but it all gets down to what it's worth to me. I love my sol, but I want to pick up an additional car that can carry my sea kayak and hold all my gear (has roof racks) and gets good mpg.





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How about I quote something about the F22b1's little brother....the F22b2....your B1 should have as much or more potential than below.


decided to go to the dyno today. fixed all my exhaust leaks. balance shaft are not hooked up.

stock f22b2 w/ 50trim /.63 exhaust, 15lbs, 2.5 downpipe to 2.25 all the back, tuned with crome.





Car has 160,000 miles and the owner has driven on 14-15lbs for about 2 years.

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Well, you came to the right place. I have a 95 Accord wagon. They typically draw more money then the sedans, so that is not supprising. As far as issues common to the car I can honestly say that the wagon is one of the most trouble free cars. If you are worried about rust I think you will find that they don't have the same rust issues as their counter part the sedans. If you look at the setup of the rear tail light assemblies and compare them to the sedans the inner fender well behind the lights are open allowing for better air circulation within that area. Wagons, although they can rust out in the rear corner panels, often do not as fast as the sedans.


As far as mechanical issues, make sure the balancer shaft has had the re-call retainer installed. You can see part of it protrude from under the lower t-belt cover where is bolts to one of the oil pump bolts.


CAM seals like to leak on average after 10 to 12 years or 125k+, but that can be said about most Hondas. Find out when the t-belt was last done and look at the drive belts to see if they are Honda (they use Bando and Mitsuboshi). If the drive belts are cracking then plan on doing a t-belt.


Starts, like the sedans usually last 7 years under normal driving conditions, so I would guess it has been replaced once. It should say Denso on it if they used a Honda rebuild.


Outer CV boots usually last 90 to 125K, but dry rot can get them early.


I guess then only "bad" thing about the car is the front brake setup. Replacing rotors on the car can not be done without either the special tool for pulling the hub or without removing the entire knuckle assembly and pressing it out. I personally don't have and issue with it, but if you like to do your own work, you may find that frustrating.


As far as the VTEC, I believe it engages around 5,200 to 5,300 rpms. I can check on that later if you wish.


Personally, I think they are style Accord of the 93 to 97 generations. A little pricey but worth it.

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