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New problem w/ gsr swap.


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Ok, so I fixed check engine light. A sensor on the block was wired backwards, Now the RPMs jump up and down. I thought it might be IAC but if I hold RPMs at 5k it jumps from 4 to 5. If I hold it at 6k it jumps from 5 to 6, etc. No matter what RPM its at it does it. One of the many reasons id rather not have OBDII. Anyone have a clue?

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maybe it's a clutch problem...


does this happen right when you start driving or after a while? If it's after a while, then it could be the clutch because of the heat of a while of driving...


Also could be a number of other things: like having to clean MAF (Mass Airflow Sensor) or idle...I'm running out of ideas...

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Have you messed with the idle screw anytime during this whole thing?


I just thought of this...have you reset your ECU? This is free to do and might work or not but doesn't hurt to try.


To reset, take out the fuse for ECU, wait a few minutes, and then put back in...


good instructions on reseting ecu: http://www.team-integra.net/sections/artic...sp?ArticleID=82 (your fuses could be different for your car so look at your diagram)

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