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D15 oil leak!!

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Ok, I posted a similar post in the CRX forum but I dont think they understood exactly what I was trying to say, so my guess is more people read this forum so I will try my luck here. I have an 88 CRX DX with a D15 motor in it (188k miles). I picked up the car and it had a blown head gasket. I pulled the head off and sent it in to a machine shop, they couldnt fix it because the cam housing was all scratched up from either lack or oil or some kind of debrit. So I purchased a new cylinder head from a machine shop that had been all gone through, all neccesary parts replaced on it and milled. I put the new head on, new complete gasket set, and torqued everything to spec with the proper sequence on it. I started it up, it was running great, I got out of the car to admire my now running CRX and as soon as I got in front of the motor it strarted leaking oil out of the #3 spark plug tube, past the rubber boot on the spark plug wire. I shut it off, figured it might have been a bad upper tube seal, so I replaced them with even more new ones, started it up, it did the same thing. I pulled the vavle cover back off, put some silicone on it, let it sit all night, started it up the next morning and again it did the same thing. So I pulled the valve cover off, disconected the #3 spark plug wire completley, left the valve cover off and the plug in, started it up and shined a flashlight into the tube which then slowly filled up with oil, from the very bottom up (under the spark plug). It was coming in from under the lower tube seal, so tube seals are out of the question. It is some how leaking oil into the cylinder and pushing it up through the spark plug hole. I'm lost here, because I know they put in new valve stem seals, and I think it is leaking way too fast to be a valve seal anyways (it starts leaking out the top in about 30 seconds). My next guess is maybe a possible bad oil ring on the piston? My only concern about that is it wasnt bad 2 weeks ago when I pulled the head off. Those are the only 2 ways I can think of oil getting into the cylinder..... I know its not a head gasket because there is no coolant in the oil and the oil would have to go through coolant to get into the cylinder. Has this happened to anyone before? Could it be a possible cracked head? any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. I already pulled the head back off and I am ready for whatever, I am just not trying to pull even more stuff apart if I dont have to. thanks

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it is coming in under that, it is some how getting into the cylinder, i know because the piston had oil on top of it and I watched it come through the spark plug hole past the spark plug. I checked the threads on it and they are still good, the plug tightens up just fine. The plug hole itself sits about 2 inches under the lower o ring for the cam/rocker arm and it is lower than that. I know it sounds weird, I am a mechanic and as funny as it is I am lost. I am thinking about just taking the head ina nd having it pressure tested, just trying to save time and money :)

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