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dont know what is wrong with my turbo kit

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hey whats up guys i need some help i put this kit on my car about a year and half ago it came with a boost controller that only let me boost it to 11 psi but now i got a new greddy profect and i can boost it to whatever. so i set it to 17 psi but it only goes up to about 15 once it starts to reachs redline its like the turbo just stops and the engine is workin its weird it gets real loud i dont know what it is i was thinking maybe my blow by but im totally lost on it i have a bad seal on the turbo and just ordered a rebuild kit i dont think thats the problem but it will help definetly also my blow off valve only blows out a whistle when i have a load on it drivin not when im sittin there reving it up i dont know what is up with that if you guys could help me out or have any input please email me at millerlite2141@yahoo.com thanks

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