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clutch question


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cool thanks a ton. also while im at this point, what is the general oppinion on lightweight flywheel,and clutch upgrade? or should i just get a oem unit from autozone. i dont really have big plans for this motor. at most i may boost it at like 5-7lbs down the road.

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wells u wouldnt need a new flywheel but since u planning on boosting, i would say go for it and get a new flywheel!..get a stage 3 clutch, but thats onli if u can handle it for evryday driving!its gonna sukk but u'll get the hand of it!

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Stage 3 means nothing. Some companies don't even go by stages. If Action Clutch went by stages, I'd be driving on a stage 4 everyday, yet I can make it feel just like a stock clutch when I want to.


You need a clutch for a 92-05 Civic.

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