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ok, so a few weeks back my 94 hatch threw a check engine light and started idleing high(i have posted on here before looking for help). It gave me code 6 ECT. I replaced the sensor, and nothing changed. I thought the idle problem was the IACV, so i ended up replacing it. It still didnt fix it. So from there I have started trying to figure out the thrown light. The car is a 94 civic hatch, with an OBD2 LS swap. I have pulled battery cables, and tried pulling the fuse to the ECU, neither one has reset the code. I did some more research, and found that OBD2 codes can only be reset by OBD2 scan tools. I went to my local auto parts store who has a scan tool. I could not find a port anywhere in my car to hook up the scan tool. I bought this car with the swap already in it, so i really dont know much about how the electrical system was run. Can anyone please tell me how the heck to fix this code. Is there another port for the reader somewhere else in the harness? I think once i reset the code, my idle problems will be healed. Help!

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Anyway you can get a hold of the person that built the car, and ask where the plug is? Cuz aside from that, the only thing you can really to do find it is follow wirin.



there isnt really anyway for me to get ahold of the guy that did the swap. how would i follow the wiring to find the plug?

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sorry it took me a while to get back o you. By some stroke of luck the car fixed itself. I took off the IACV and checked it, it was new so I didnt think anything would be wrong with it. But when I put it back on, the check engine light went off, and began idling normal. A few days later, the car threw a light again and began idling high again. Im getting the same code as before. Code 6, ECT. The Coolant temp sensor I replaced was on the left hand side of the motor on the head. I know there are three components to the coolant sensor systems. The sensor, on the side of the head, the sending unit, and a temp switch that is an on/off for the fan. the sending unit is working because the temp gauge is working, and the temp switch is working because the fan turns on and off. I beginning to think there is a problem with the harness itself. What do you think?

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