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b20 turbo

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okay i am doing a b20 turbo on my integra DA. now i have heard its a bad idea but i gotta a buddy with a civic thats got the same thing with a gt25R turbo. and its insane he pulls trains on 300 HP mustangs. so he said do it to mine. well hes pushin only 7 lbs. and im gonna be pushin 10. am i gonna need a block gaurd or forged pstns. any supension work or what... also im putting it together myself motor and turbo kit. but my concern is having it dynoed and tuned what kinda price am i looking at here.

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If you start with a B18 motor, it would be safer. The b20 houses the weakest cylinder walls of any B-series motor. Block guard can't hurt, but the correct method would be sleeving the block (gets pricey). ARP rod bolts are a good idea too. Rod bolts are usually what break.

Suspension? Yeah, if you have stock suspension, upgrade it. $400 or so should cover some decent struts and springs. But it's not necessary for the swap if that's what you mean.

Dyno time and tune is like $300-$400 around here. Just to give you a rough idea. If you don't have the cash to have it professionally tuned, don't do it at all. Especially if you do go the B20 route. It only takes a little bit of detonation to crack those sleeves. I would have it towed to the tuning shop. You can do a lot of damage just driving it a few miles if it's not set up correctly.

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okay cool. yea ive heard the blocks are weak. but i have also heard the produce tremendous power. cause my boys got hit and gone thru a t3/t4 turbo and now has the GT25R on it and never had a prob with the motor or the car. the suspension is what im worried about. i live about 10 miles from the shop im getting it tuned and dynoed at. i got another homeboy with a 93 rx-7 running 14 lbs untuned right now and he is pulling on 500 HP cobras. i mean granted its a rotary motor so its not as bad but... still... but yeah thanks anything else let me know.

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