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New to here...miss hanet


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before the downsize, audiobahn awt 12 titanium 2000 watt sub, clarion class d 1000rms amp, 4 6x9's off a 300 watt class d majestic amp, stock 6 1/2s and tweets in the door, kenwood x 917 comp deck......now i'm running 2 jl W0s and a smaller pioneer amp to save weight and draw from the alternator.....my lights still dimmed with  a 1 farad cap before....still running the same high setup, but its a lot easier to remove 2 w0's on track day than a 90+ lb box with the audiobahn in it(the sub alone weighs almost over 40lbs), and it actually makes a difference in every day driving too.....

my last car(toyota wagon) had a full enclosure with leather and plexi in the trunk...all neons, frosted glass etched etc....that was fun to look at, but i have more fun with a snappy car AND a loud stereo...dont really care for the flashy system anymore!  lol

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