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GPS Tracking

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Just letting everyone know about a affordable Tracking system.




Offical website


I have it in my car and love it.. Just a little extra security cuz you never know when sh!t might happen..


Besides that I have 3 night vision cameras in the front of the house and the sound from the one watching over my car


on PC speaker's on my nightstand so I can wake up anytime I hear it go off ( thank got it hasn't ) And I picked up a M4A1.


Yeah its a little overboard but you never know.. lol people post on the stolen part of the local forum like every other day


I wont be a victim. and if i do (god forbid) i'll be the one knocking on the door and not the cops.

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At the car lot I work at, we get them for $150 and we can track all of our cars that are out on notes via satellite imagery online and ours has a kill switch too that disables the starter in case some one decides to skip town and drop their payments.

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