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175s instead of 165s?

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The tires currently on my '91 Civic HB are 165/70R13. You can see all of Lincoln's head, so I'm buying new tires. A couple of places I've called tell me that 165s are hard to come by now, and suggest using 175s. This number refers to the width of the tire, correct? Would this be okay--to use 175s instead of 165s on the same rim?


Also, can you save much money by buying tires somewhere like Wal-mart, taking the wheels off the car, and then taking the tires and wheels to a place to have the new tires mounted and balanced?



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Wouldnt use walmart... they take forever, thier tires suck, and they have a tendency to break crap...best bet is go somewhere that deals mainly with rims/tires..your gonna pay a little more, but you will get better tires and service.

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