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Alarm System? Electrical? Any Ideas?


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'97 Honda Civic EX. Purchased new back in the day. I've had her almost 11 years now and nothing but routine maintenance along the way. Only 62K miles. Overall, a very satisfied Honda customer here. Last night, though, things turned dark and ugly.

The car is parked in my garage for the night and I'm ready to hit the sack. Go into the garage and I notice the car is freaking out. The dome light is flashing. . .the door locks are constantly locking and unlocking themselves. If I opened any of the doors it would set off the alarm. Closing the door and the alarm shuts down. But still, the flashing dome light and the crazed door locks are continuing. The remote control key fob was completely non functional. All I could think of doing was to disconnect the battery to shut her down. Which I did and all is well. Until, that is, I reconnect the juice and see what happens. But before I do I figured I ask about this here.

Any ideas before I bring her in to Honda and get whacked?

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I haven't heard of this before. Did the problem start sometime immediately after you parked the car, or sometime overnight?


Only thing I can think of is you may have triggered something (panic button), and now your key fob's battery is dead.


I suggest that you try starting the car and see if it resets.

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Update: just reconnected the battery terminal and all is functioning normally. Weird and strange. . .

Wonder if I should bring it into the shop for a look-see?

BTW, the car was parked for several hours before the problem started.

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Is the key fob functioning normally as well now?


Also, is it possible that you may have "half-locked" the doors when you parked?

I usually hold the door handle when I lock my doors, and sometimes if I let go too early, it only "half-locks", so this may have triggered the flashing dome light, and the car would be confused as to whether it was locked or unlocked. Thus, also triggering the alarm when the doors were opened.


Just a guess though.

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Hey man I actual have had something like this happen. My battery died one day and I had a buddy come to get a jump. All of a sudden the alarm started to go off and it would not stop so I ended up cutting the wire to the horn just to get rid of the noise. Then did the same as you, disconnected the battery and reconnected it and it has been working fine every since. I would not worry about it .

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