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Help with motor.


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Hey guys, i have a b18b swaped into my 93 civic coupe that is serious need of piston rings, and im pretty sure the cylinder walls are out-of-round.(judgeing by the ammount of oil im dumping into the car. roughly a gallon every 5 days.) i figure its right around the same price to just buy a new b18b(just block and head shipped i have seen as low as $700). so basicall, does anyone have/ know someone that has a b18b that they would be willing to part with fairly cheap. I would really rather just have the block, and i need one that is not trashed... i already have two that need to hit the scrap yard.


(And yes i know this is not in the right place. when did the forum rules change to where you need 50 post to hit the for sale/WTB area? i didnt think i had been away for that long.)


Thanks for the help. (If this ends up getting deleted i guess i will have to show my face a little bit more and get my post count up.)

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hmotorsonline.com have some good prices. Also i am pretty sure you can pick up a whole motor for like $600-$700




Edit: The rules changed a while back. Some of us are in the process of possibly changing that for the WTB thread. The 50+ post count is more towards the "For Sale" threads and people just creating an account to do that.

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