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Muffler problems


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I have a 1997 Accord EX. The muffler is loose and it is emitting a loud noise (both while idling and while moving). When I look under the car, I think I see emissions coming from near the muffler.


Does this mean I will need to have the muffler replaced?


If so, how much should it cost me?



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yeah you probably have a hole in the muffler or a leak. get under the car and see where its coming from. if its small they do make muffler patch up type of stuff. if its really bad, and you need a new one, should be 1-200 for a new one, depends on who you get it from though

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Your muffler fluid must have run out.


Gotta' get it refilled ASAP! :o


Easiest way to find a leak beneath the car is by jacking it up, starting it, taking a spraybottle full of water and spraying most of the area's you think are most susceptible to leaking. If bubbles form, there you have it.

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its a stock exhaust right? if it is then the weld where it meets teh muffler is prolly brok meaning take it to a shop and see if they can weld it if not then time for a new catback....

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If you got to Honda and shell out the big bucks for the OEM peice, they extend a life-time warranty to the part. Retain the receipt and the warranty transfers to the next owner.


This could be a selling point if you and the Accord ever break-up and go your seperate ways.

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