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99 si exterior ideas?

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So heres a picture of my SI.






civic type R carbon front lip

civic type R rear lip

VIS carbon hood

Volk TE-37 Wheels




I bought this car with this on it. The only thing i added was the tint so far and alot of interior work. I know you guys will have a better idea of whats out there. So heres my questions...


I was thinking of selling the TE-37's for something alittle cheaper and useing the extra cash for engine work. I dont like the look of the Gold TE's. I was thinking something gunmetal or gray would look better. What do you guys think would look good without breaking the bank? I kinda want to go with the dark clean look, not the subaru sti look.


I was wondering what other style lip kits there are? Is there something better? Is what i have alittle too overdone?


I was also thinking spoilers, not a huge spoiler, but something a little different than the one i have.


Basically, im just looking for some input from some people that have a better idea of whats out there.


Oh and my names justin. im new to the forums and the honda scene. soo... HI! :teehee:

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hey thanks guys :) I like the mirror and window visor idea! :)


Do you think carbon fiber eyebrows from c-west would look stupid? Im not sure how good it would look when the eyebrow transitions from the carbon hood to the blue fenders.


I saw a post about that duraflex stuff too. I was thinking of maybe getting some of that and smokeing the tailights.


And what about halos? Would they look better? or too "overdone"



Alittle photo editing... Just need some gunmetal wheels with more spokes, maybe with a electric blue core. And those spoon mirrors. :) I cant seem to find any window visors for under 100 bucks. Ill keep looken.





Thanks for the help guys

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