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97 Accord will not start


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I have a 97 Honda Accord. This past weekend, I droved it like usual. I had to drop by a store 3 blocks away from home and parked the car in the parking lot. Since I'm going in there for a minute or two, I did not turn it off. As I was walking toward the store, I realized that the car had turned off by itself. I went back to the car and I smell something burning under the hood. I popped it open and saw smoke comng out of the battery. After everything has settled, I tried turning on the car but nothing happens. At first, I thought it was the battery that preventing the car from starting up so I pushed the car back to my garage and went to my local parts shop to get a replacement. After the new battery is installed, the car would not start as well. The engine does not crank when the key is turned. Nothing happens, dead silence. Before all of this, the car would crank for a while before it starts up.


Has anyone experienced this and does anyone know what's wrong?

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from your description and that there was smoke coming out, I'm guessing it's a problem with spark...check your spark plugs...


if it's not this, then it could be that you are not getting fuel...fuel pump could be the problem...


check and let us know :)

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I'm not that savvy with cars so i have not check anything besides the battery. One thing I forgot to mention is that after replacing the battery, the dashboard lights up when the key is turned and all the headlights as well as the back lights works. I will check the plugs and fuses when I get home tonight.

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if not the main relay, it could be a fusible link between the batt and the starter....had that happen to me on a couplke of cars////

hondas don't have fusible links at the starters.i know some domestic cars have them.the fusible links are in the fuse panel under the hood.does the dash lights come on when the key is ON position?

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