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options for an ls


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someone told me to do that but i want to do something to it that will increase its speed a good bit i was already planning to put atleast 2,00o or 2,500 into it o n i have pics of it but it says they r 2 big to upload or sumtin

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Jump on Honda-tech. There are people selling used turbo kits for 1500-2000 on there with a kit in really good shape. Grab one of those, then find a tuner in your area and see about getting your ecu chipped and tuned with crome. Since you already have OBD-1 it would be pretty inexpensive to chip and tune your car (compared to OBD-2 like mine).


Edit: Honda-tech has a classifieds section for used Forced Induction parts. Don't confuse it with the area for the sponsor's FI thread.

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No. You don't need new rods and cams as long as you don't go crazy on the boost/power you make. A T3/T4 kit like a Rev Hard kit at 8-10psi with a good tune on Crome should produce a good 250whp which the stock motor can handle fine. You also don't need different cams....stock ones are fine. Header......no. You'll get a turbo manifold in the kit which will replace the stock exhaust mani/header to allow the turbo to bolt up.

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going crazy with boost is when your trying to build a 400+ horsepower motor.....like a couple of us on here.



Yea like me for instance. I drive a 1996 LS but I have alot of mods I'm doing to the car. First off I'm getting the car ready for the power it will put out being suspensions and tranny. Then I'll probably just finish up the interior with the spoon products I'm getting and then the swap. Still debating on this one and would like some input on it. I'm debating between either another B18 or the H22a. I know the H22 is heavier but I like the stock hp it does and after the T4 bolts up and new inject. it will be nice. I might however just try and find a B18 with lower miles than mine so it will last a bit longer with the boost. Then the fun stuff with the body kit and custom paint job just to finish up with. I'm building this to be able to handle a C6 on the 1320 but also be a very well balanced autocross car. So if anyone wants to give some helpful advice it would be appreciated.

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