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Understanding the VIN


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Hi all...


I was browsing through the internet looking for an explanation of the VIN number and came across a good website which explains that a VIN must have 17 digits...


I imported my del sol directly from Japan and its' VIN is EG11100743...can anyone tell me how this VIN is sub-divided to give some kind of meaning?





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EG 11 100743


Use your understanding of the US DOT mandated 17-digit VIN to decode the Japanese 10-digit VIN.


You know both the Japanese and US markets use the same chassis codes to identify different vehicles, and I recognize the EG code as the delSol chassis code.


Working from the end, I will assume the serial numbers in Japan are 6-digits, like in the US.


This leaves two number ones in the middle.


Since the JDM models: SiR (DOHC VTEC) is chassis code E-EG2 and the VXi (SOHC VTEC) is E-EG1, and there is only one letter E, I am going to assume the first mystery one is grouped with the chassis code.


EG1 1 100743


Since all engine options are covered by the first 3 digits, the 4th is the one I really cannot explain. Could be the difference between the trans-top and the manual top, I do not know.


Edit: the EG2 came standard with the trans-top, EG1 is either manual or trans-top optional; so I do not think this would be part of the VIN. Also, alot of the importing sites list the serial numbers with 7-digits, not 6 like the US.

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