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My 06 HCH Sound Upgrade


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I did upgrade the sound of my 06 HCH. It was not easy, specially, I insisted on doing it myself. I had to buy the service manual. I learned how to open the door pannels and the twiters grills.


After fighting with the car for two weeks in freezing cold weather, I was able to make the sound much better than before. The installed speakers have a very weak magnanet and they look really cheap, even though the manual says it's a special kind of mangnent that is light and powerful. I hated the factory speakers.


Here is the new configuration:


Front door JL VR600 CXI

Back speakers Kenwood KFC-P707

Subwoofer KSC-SW1


The best thing is the subwoffer, I installed it inside the cabine in the middle, standing on the floor of the back seat, facing the back of the driver and the passenger seats. I like base a lot, I though it will be too weak to install it in the trunk, and at the same time I do not have to turn the sub volume all the way up to save power.


The Kenwood speakers are excellent, I should have installed them in the front door, but it's more complicated as I have to install the crossover and take the wires back all the way to the tweeters. Also I could not replace the tweeters as they are very custome to the Car.


I choosed the JL speakers as the have a built in tweeters and crossover ct. It's not as good as I expected, I also want to install 6.5 speakers, these are only 6.0.


I had to dissconnect the factory tweeters, they distorted the sound, I do not like them at all. Also I have the nav system, it has a very bad CD player, to get good sound I had to turn the terible all the way up.


I'm still thinking of doing a custome thing for the installed factory tweeters, it will be much better to have tweeters in the factory installed location (on the back of the top of the dash board).


My recommedation is to have a pro, do it for you.



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It says you're from Detroit but I'm guessing you don't speak English very well.











Anyways, sounds like a decent setup, but the sub probably would have been fine in the trunk. It's your choice though.




What do we enjoy? Were there supposed to be pictures? I was expecting pictures...

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They do not write English very well in Detroit; there is high illiteracy rate. Picky, Picky, Picky. I'll post some Detoit pictures soon thumbsup.gif.


Here are the corrections


Twiters, tweeters

Magnanet, magnet

Subwoofer, subwoofer

Cabine, cabin

Base, bass

Custome, custom

Choosed, choose

Terrible, treble



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I thought you guys are more concerned if I'm from Detroit or not, if I'm American or not and more concerned about my English writing skills. Talking about the sound system was irrelevant. This is the best that I can do when I'm a dog sick.



My recommedation is to have a pro, do it for you.



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