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'98 EX CD player????


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has anyone had experience with installing a CD player into the EX civics. The CD input is in its own seperate console, while the coltrols (volume eq etc) are in another seperate console on another part of the dash. I am looking to replace the CD input part with a normal CD player w/ an AUX in so i can hook up my ipod but i wasnt sure how it would work with 2 volume contrals and etc. I know how to hook up a normal CD player to my other honda, but this one is kind of confusing. If anyone knows what i'm talking about, help would be appreciated

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one is where any in dash cd unit would normally be, excpet there is no input for the actual cd. the cd input is right behind the cup holders, on some civics its just a little empty storage space, but in mine there is a cd player.

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how far apart are they from each other? I'm just wondering if the controls are up by the air vents and the CD tray is just below the controls, or if its way down just above the cupholders.


Is it all one unit? Can you tell?


Either way, I'd suggest you take both assemblies out (the control panel and the cd tray) and replace it with one head unit. That is your goal right?

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the CD player on bottom is setup just like a changer so it will not work with a aftermarket deck, replace it with a pocket, replace the one in the dash with an aftermarket head unit, most stereo shops will have the harness and dash kit needed to make it look right, i know its a din hole already but it looks better with a pocket,


you will need to leave the factory somewhere in the car if you have factory keyless and want to keep it, the streeo shop should have the correct harness for you to do this

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