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from A to B... stiffening bars for the del sol


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maybe a dumb idea... but here it goes anyway... has anyone ever thought about putting two bars connecting the a and b pillars in a del sol> like in the location of a full cage's bars, but welded above the windshield and above the rear glass... just for stiffness purposes, really no rollover protection. I just wanna get rid of the god aweful flex in my del sol... especially when the top is out and i really wouldnt mind a bar there on both sides. Just an idea. Anyone have any opinions?

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A some what better option might be to try and make a set of bars that pop in in place of the top into the tops normal mounting locations. that way you get the support when the top is off and don't have to chop up your interior to do it. That might be a nice thing to try and make a nice one of and see if you can sell it to an aftermarket company.

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I have read of the rear glass cracking in "spirited" driving. Perhaps a diagonal bar welded to the frame and going across the open rear window would be the best placement for such a reinforcement.


Front to back doesn't seem necessary.

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Drop one of those roll cages in. God, I can't remember who makes 'em. I find out.


Edit: Cucso makes a drop in cage for the sol that doesn't affect DD use very much.

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