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Dyno Results in for my H22T Civic


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Hello everyone I am new to this forum but actually have read it for a while now. I have a 94 civic hatch with an h22 turbo in it. It has a one-fab top mount manifold with a turbonetics 62-1 bolted to the top of it. The block is bored 88mm with darton closed deck sleeves and cp pistons. The car was tuned up at Trick Engineering in NH. It put down 530 whp at 20psi on 93 octane but we tamed it dow to a 15 psi map for the street and it put down 480 whp. The we went ahead and did a race fuel map on 110 octane and stopping only at 23 psi it put down 634whp and 409 ft lbs of torque at 8150 rpms. We did not want to exceed 600whp by much for the time being as we have older style rods with 5/16ths rod bolts. By spring we plan to have crower rods installed and 700whp here we come. I will post a link to my friends myspace where we have a pic of the dyno sheet posted for the 23 psi pull.

Here it is http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...mageID=25072387

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