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Del Sol Driva

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Quoted from http://www.teamdelsol.com/


How To: Tighten the targa top to stop rattling


Original Author: Paul Mooney "Peej"


Tools you will need: A deep well 12mm socket and a 12mm open end wrench, ten washers 1/16th - 1/8 in thickness (less than $1.00)


1. REMOVE THE PLASTICS: First, you will need to remove some plastic from your interior & put your top inside your trunk to get it out of the way. The plastic that you will remove will be the sun visor assemblies, A pillar covers, dome light assembly, & roll bar interior plastic. To remove the interior pieces you will need to pry out the little circle behind the sun visor and remove the 4 screws, to remove the A pillar plastic you will need to get your fingers behind the plastic and pull with equally force / evenly on the plastic to unsnap the clips holding it securely to the pillar, to remove the dome light you will need to pry off the clear plastic then remove the screw underneath & then pry out the rest of the assembly, and finally to remove the upper roll bar plastic you will need to pry of this plastic in a similar manner as the A pillar plastic.



2. REMOVE THE BOLTS: You will see 3 bolts in each front corner holding the front roof pin receiver in place, and 1 bolt & 1 nut holding the rear roof pin receiver in place. I suggest that you remove one of these bolts (12mm) and take it down to your local hardware store to get washers that fit (1/1th-1/8th).. Carefully remove the bolts and place the washers between the roof pin receivers and the body of the car. Then replace the bolts and tighten securely. One washer per bolt is enough. We tried 2 and it seemed to help some, but the seals were mashed a little too far and water still seemed to get in.



3. TEST FIT: After all the washers have been put into place try a test fit. You may have to lightly press down on the top to twist the handle and lock the top down. Now with your proper fit of the top & it being satisfactory tightened to the car you can now put your top back in the trunk.


3. FINISHING UP: Replace the plastic on the interior of the of the Sol and enjoy a more water tight top. Don't forget a slightly tighter chassis when your top is in place.

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