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18's on an 01 civic

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keep the 17s and lower it a bit more. once you lower your car, get the alignment checked. they can give you a printout of how far off your camber is. from there you can check if youre gonna need a camber kit. but if your close to a 2 inch drop, youre going to need one


edit: i can make you a sig if you want, just PM me some pics

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I replied in your other thread, but anyways...

Eibach is nice, but it's expensive too.

Also, you'll need more than a 1" drop to make it look dropped, so if you go Eibach, get the sportline springs, or the full coilovers. The coilovers are up near $1000.

You shouldn't have any scraping of any kind unless you're rolling on any combination of 18"+ rims and 2"+ drop.

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