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f20c question??

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50 somin? lol hahaha. i dont think so. try 87mm bore. 84mm stroke. and the 2nd gen s2k (f22c)has same bore , 87mm , but a longer stroke , 90.7mm stroke. the deck heights are identical. different crank , thats all.

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that and reading. reading is your friend , lol. im like a sponge for info that tickles me proper , lol. i have more useless information stored than any man alive , haha. K20's have a magical combination , the bore is the same as the stroke , 86mm , and 86mm. if you research , hondas F1 engine also has this setup. i forget the exact measuremnts but , the bore is same as the stroke. but its like horse mentioned in another thread , they have a od.stroke ratio over 2. like 2.somin. higher the number , the less friction on the engine to put it simple.

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