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Official 2007 HF Awards Voting - Thread 3


Voting Thread 3  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. 2007's Best Thread is...

    • cranny's K20 Swap
    • Sexy's Sexy Ladies
    • xxscaxx's Build Thread
  2. 2. 2007's Worst Thread is...

    • del sizzol by SolLessHonda
    • HF is becoming FTL by SolLessHonda
    • I need a favor by ogi1der
    • Person Of the Day Threads
    • All of them

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Place your votes in all three categories above.


Do NOT post in this thread. Keep your votes to yourself, no discussion is needed at this time.


Nominees were selected from the Official Nominations thread, using the most popular nominations and/or nominations that were considered relevant to 2007 (in the event of too many nominations). In the event of too few choices, others have been added in.


Voting will remain open until at least December 26th. Awards will be created shortly for the winners to display in his/her signature after voting is closed and winners announced.

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