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K series swap in 5th gen civic


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I have a 95 civic ex coupe, and i was reading up on K series swaps, and i realized that they are extremely complicated. I dont know much about the k series engines, but i have heard of very good results with the k swap. I was thinking a k24a2 block with a k20a2 because of the slightly higher compression ratio, but like i said before, i am not that familiar with the k series engines. So anyway, i was wondering if anybody could give me some pointers or advice on this project.

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talk to cranny


they make mounts and everything for those swaps. Pretty common now in california. If you could get your hands on the k24 from the TSX that would be the best. The bottom end is good and it's got the k20 head already. you should run 12's all day with this swap. Need the mounts, engine, tranny, k-pro, shifter, axles, custom fuel rail and regulator. need more info go to Hasport.com

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type s cams are hotter than tsx. also , a bump in compression with this route is a must to be worthwhile even doing it imo. this is what im gonna build eventually. K24 bottom with an A2 head and tranny. IPS K2 cams and eibach VT , Kpro , and 12.5:1 forged pistons and forged rods that can handle at least 100 wet shot of the funny stuff , lol.


lots of custom parts involved in this swap your talking about , whether they are purchased or made. i made my own engine mounts when i did my swap. ive talked to a few people who have used hasport kits for my swap , and they said the bracket bolt holes didnt even line up with the holes in the car. another guy said all hardware wasnt there. for 600 usd , everything better be there and fit perfect. not only that , alot of the info on hasports sites regarding these swaps , and the parts needed , is false. so i opted to boycott hasport and reach for the lincoln , lol.

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