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Does a 92-96 h22 engine can fit in a 99 type sh ??


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i have a 99 prelude type sh and a need a new engine, but the problem is that too many people told me that the type sh engine and the base have a little difference ?? i have about a month serching jdm engines but i just find for the 92-96 preludes with h22? i would like to know if those engines fit in my car ?? or not?? :help: :(

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you have the "Super Handling" transmission and slightly higher output H22. any other H22 will fit though as long as you keep your current downpipe and the motor is 96+ to maintain OBDII functionality.

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so, if the engine is of a 92-95 will not fit?? can u explain me about the obd1 and obd2???

itll fit, but the motor wouldnt be OBDII. On Board Diagnostic system 2 came out starting in 1996 as an "successor" to the former OBDI and OBD0 before that. basically it ties into your SRS, ECU, emissions, other stuff. unless you get a conversion harness, it's much easier to stick with a 96+ motor.

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ok. thak u know i have to find an engine for the 96+ h22 prelude do you know where can i find it??

ebay or www.hmotorsonline.com is a good place to start. you might be able to salvage one out of a junk yard if youre lucky.

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