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Mouse invasion!


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A mouse made it's way into my wife's 03 Accord. It setup nest in the glovebox. Along with the nest I found a dead baby with eyes not fully developed. I'm assuming the rodent got in during thanksgiving break as the car was parked at the inlaws and we were gone a week. I am still trying to figure out how it got in. There is no hole in the blower air filter. My wife is flipping out and won't drive her car until I brainstorn an entry point. Any ideas?

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theres a lot of places they can get in, and a very common problem (depending on where you live) for mice to get in the glove box. next time you leave the car for some time, get some moth balls and put them in/around the car. it might smell weird, but air it out for a little bit and you will be fine

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they get into the cabin from the fresh air/recirculator inlet


if you are going to let the car sit be sure to flip the climate control to recirculate inside air. if you leave it in the fresh air position it leaves an opening that mice can get into. since the switch is electronic on Honda's be sure to flip it when the car is turned on or it won't change.

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The car is rarely placed in recirculation mode, so that's probably how they got in. I would think the cabin air filter would stop entry, but maybe they chewed a doorhole in one of the side seams that I didn't see. We'll keep that in mind next time we park it in the forest.


The car has been rattling from what seems to be an area behind the glove box. It's very slight yet still annoying. It Sounds almost like cd's rattling on plastic. Is the door accessible without removing the dash? Where is the inlet located? Unfortunately I found turds in the back seat so they had the run of the car for a little while and not just the glovebox. I fear they may still have an operation going on.


I like the mothballs idea except my wife would probably flip. She's pregnant so I'm sure they would drive her senses crazy.


Freaking Jerry and his gf. where's Tom when you need him?

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