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Underdrive Pully and tru power pully's.


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I've heard these cause car problems, but never proven. So the 5hp, and 5tq doesn't sound that bad.. since my oem pully shot off. I'm not going to run the AC on my car, maybe i'll get little gain from it too. Powersteering is a must for 17's. The true power pully i was going to put on the altenator, not the powersteering since the powersteering already has strain on it.


After this what do u think my d series be pushing on na, i only have intake,header,exhaust, and the up coming fuel rail?

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Aftermarket pullies suck on interference engines like ours. They don't have enough weight to handle the harmonics of the engine. They put tons of strain on all the accessories and cause them to wear out faster.

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is it posible to just get an underdrive pulley for my power steering? i like the heavier steering, but when i take the belt off of the power steering pump my gf can't drive my car. sorry to thread jack but at least its related. what are easy outs?

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