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Air intake dirty?


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I was changing my oil this weekend and noticed that the hose from the air intake (after-market) had a big hole in it. So dirty air has been going into my intake. How do I clean this out?


On similar note, I was going to put the stock air filter box back but do you recommend a better air intake than the stock?

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if you filter has a hole in it, you should get a new one. if its just dirty, they make intake cleaner kits.


if you want something better than stock, go with AEM


I clean the filter everytime I change my oil. But the hose had a hole in it....which I am going to get replace. My issue is that I had been driving with a hole in the hose and so unfiltered air was entering my intake. Should I be concerned about that? I just picture dirt getting into my intake and probably needs to be cleaned out. I also noticed my mpg got less on this tank.

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the hose you are asking about should run to your vavle cover. if you already have one to the valve cover or it already has an aftermarket filter clamped on it then just plu the hole.

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Yea, some dirt has gone in there if you have a hole in the hose. Just replace/plug the hose. Don't worry about the dirt- there isn't really enough in the air to hurt your engine that bad over a small amount of time. That dirt that got sucked in went in- got torched in your chamber and blown out with the rest of the exhaust...

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