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motor swap question


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There is an OBD-1 version of the DOHC ZC.


It'd work, just repin some plugs and get the ECU and conversion harness. But it's a pointless swap, aftermarket for that motor sucks ballz.

Just go with a DOHC VTEC motor and you'll be much happier.

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Putting that thing in your car would cost you way too much money even if it is just a temporary fix. Go find ya a Y8 and drop it in, wire VTEC and drive into the sunset. lol



Yeah it would cost you more too put that engine in. You would have trouble locating a distributor for it as it is an obd1 version of the dohc zc. We did not have a D16A1 with obd1 to get that dizzy from. I would just put in a replacement motor in the car. There are tons of sohc motors people have just taken from there cars to put dohc. Check craigslist.

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