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Fuel light on '01 Civic


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I'm trying to figure how many miles I can get out of tank of gas. Does anyone know if the '01 Civic's have a low fuel light? Recenty bought the car 2 days ago, didn't come with an owners manual.

yes they do

...i dont know any cars that dont :o


I got about 350 mi per tank in mine

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Why don't you do a little math--it's really simple- you don't need to run your tank dry to figure out about how much miles-per-gallon you are getting. You don't even have to know the size of your fuel tank to figure this one out. Here:


1. Fill up on whatever octane gas you normally get.

2. Reset your trip miles to 0.0.

3. Drive around until you are down to about 1/5 a tank of gas (the longer you go, the more accurate).

4. Go fill up your car again and jot down how many gallons it took to fill up.

5. Take your current trip miles and divide how ever many gallons it just took to fill up by the trip miles.


So: miles-per-gallon = trip miles / gallons to fill up.


Here's an example. I have a Civic... I filled it up... I reset my trip miles and drove around for 2 weeks. I go fill up and notice it takes 9.5 gallons to fill my tank back up. I look at my trip miles and I have 320 miles. So: 320/9.5 = 33.68 Miles-per-gallon. (This is actually about what I get with my car over that time span). Simple as that... you don't need to run it dry to figure it out. But, you can take it a step furthur. Once you get your MPG... look up what size gas tank you have... if it's a 12 gallon gas tank, then do 12 * 33.68 to figure out how many miles you get per tank. In my example, you'd get 404.2 miles.

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