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Bored. Made an accel clip. Short, but you get the point.


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And yes, it's the slowest thing I've owned in a long, long time.


And yes, that's 216,000+ on the odometer.

And the f*cking seatbelt light is stuck on.

Hard to steer, shift and hold camera so .. pardon the roughness of the vid.


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so slow. lol.

i know i know, its a work in progress but that must piss you off to be so slow. i mean in the amount of time it takes you to get to 40 in the teg, you would have been at about 60-70mph in the TA.

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You aren't kidding. It's sorta irritating but I remember the fun I had in getting my EJ6 from 14's to high 12's.


All will be better in due time. LOL. And yea, at that point I'd have probably been at 70 or 80 in the Trans Am.

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