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Electrical Power Loss


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Good morning.


I have a problem with my electrical system on my 2002 Honda Civic. While driving at highway speeds with a heavy electrical load (such as lights on or air conditioner running), I will have a gradual electrical power loss leading ultimately to the car stalling. Shedding the load will usually recover the power.


This problem does not happen at city speeds unless there is an extreme load (lights and AC). Letting the car sit for 30 - 45 minutes allows me to restart it.


It has a new battery (< 2 months old). I suspect 1) the brushes are floating, 2) the voltage regulator or 3) the alternator is intermittent. A mechanic tested the alternator and stated it was charging okay.


The car has 127,000 miles on it.


Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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I'm drawing a blank.


Conceptually, I would say something is drawing current and heating up. The heat increases resistance where the problem is and eventually drops the current below the car's failure point. Letting the car sit allows the problem area to cool off and the resistance to drop. I think the problem is not in the ignition system.


How this helps or applies to your problem, I do not know.

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