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more problems then i can handle

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:crazy: alright...i had to replace a vaccum hose today blah blah blah. and something possesed me to look into the coolant overflow cause i have coolant level problems and i just wanted to check that too. BLAH!!....and the whole inside of the overflow is caked with oil. so ima clean it tomarow and see how bad it is in a couple days. any ideas on that?


then i think i have a blow head gasket...or its at least leaking. i figure it must be re-timed and that kinda scares me if i do it myself. any addvice on the replacement?


then i think i have a short in the ignition or something. when i start it and the engine is about to start i let off the key like normal then the engine stops and then starts automatically without me cranking it again...the list goes on and on guys!


yes i know...i need something else. So something has possesed me to swap something into a hatch and boost it. thats what my new project will be. :crazy:


but until then i need to fix this crap so im not left on the side of the road! lol



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You've blown your HG.


Easy redneck way to do it is just pop the head off, don't turn a single pulley and you shouldn't have to worry about timing issues. I know it ain't the right way but it'll work.

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